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Outer phenomena spell dissatisfaction as well as momentary
happiness in today’s whirlwind encounter with life. Anguish is an integral part of our existence, as an inner discontent is the
cause of our individual and collective unwholesome striving that never seems to end. To move beyond this restless turmoil, one should embrace a sacred outlook and recognize a universal responsibility for the well-being of every creature. The right attitude to life creates a sacred space or a happy dwelling place, where the spirit of love, compassion and tolerance is cherished. Lighting the lamp of our "Higher Consciousness" must begin individually, where each one’s lamp lights up another’s flame, illumining our greater existence together.

Focus on Inner Self

In Tantra, simplicity of being profoundly in touch with the vast universe and the pure self gradually distills and dispels all mental commotion, emotional instability and physical discomfort. Wealth, abundance, desire and happiness need not merely be the illusory maya of our worldly dispositions if we can learn to experience their deeper essence with harmony and grace. A clearer focus on our inner self awakens us out of our worldly fixations and generates an awareness and insight that allows us to deal with the real needs of life.

In our social contacts, we exert a covert violence against ourselves and others through our likes and dislikes, opinions, dogmas, faith and even spiritual practices. Today’s mind psychoanalyzes everything, drawing an inevitable link of emotional obsession into our personal becoming. Our psychology convinces us of the finality of our roles played out as the mother, the lover, the guru or even the healer. We cling to our self-image, concealing our true identity as pure consciousness that has no form.

Being alone creates fear in our hearts. The space of silence is too empty and profound for us to cope with for very long. Our minds are addicted to perpetual stimulation. The illusory world limits the ability of our awareness to enter into the realm of inner purity. Dependence upon the external is upheld by our society, ostracizing us through its cults, rigid views and institutions, bringing about the death of unfettered Divine Consciousness in the heart. Psychologists and New Age healers often cause yet more internal disruptions and disturbances, stirring the intrigues of not only the recent past but of previous lifetimes. We can barely learn to cope with this life, let alone open the corridors to the ghostly remains of past incarnations.

Our spiritual well-being must guide us to experience the original pure and blissful nature of consciousness itself. Rediscovering this simple truth within ourselves, we ignite the hidden flame of the spiritual heart, nurturing compassion, joy and peace for all. Atman is the self or soul, the deeper essence of our being as pure consciousness, uniting us with all beings. The Atman is a Divine principle and our "true self" is the Divine power behind the manifestation of all time and space. Tantra reveres the Divine presence within us, honoring our deeper nature as sacred and immortal. The Goddess Shakti leads us in our journey through the outer world to the sanctity of the spiritual heart, the Atman’s silent abode.

The mystery of Tantra rests in the beneficence of Nature and her all-pervasive energies. Tantra’s enigmatic mysticism reveals Nature’s potent powers through its sacred knowledge or Tantric Jnana. The Tantrika’s life is a great awakening to the reality of pure consciousness, where every moment a lotus blossoms in the gentle prayer of sweet divinity without feeling misplaced in its muddy waters. Our consciousness has a gentle way of filtering the truth in our lives. Pure consciousness takes us back to the source of divinity without any worldly trappings.

My life witnessed its own metamorphoses over the years, enriching my being and enhancing my experiences. One would drift into the silence of sadhana, using yogic practices to re-enforce one’s harmony or restructure old thought patterns, at times withdrawing into my own world of magic and wander in the Himalayas. With the Mother Goddess’s grace, my entire being sought reformation, turning the mind and body into a flower of delight, exuding its own inner fragrance. Through my experimental modes of Shakti sadhana, the Goddess integrated me back into the source of her own joyousness. My life became an offering at her lotus feet, unfolding her mystical flowering of grace and abundance.

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