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Welcome to Tathaastu. This is a much-anticipated time, as it is the season of giving and sharing, of joy and laughter, of festivity and gratitude. We have some great articles to help you celebrate and keep you healthy and nourished this holiday season.

In September, Tathaastu organized the Mind Body Soul Wellness Expo at the International Centre in Mississauga, Canada. Uplifting, informative, joyful, the Expo delivered three blissful days of yoga, meditation, mantra, Ayurveda, alternative therapies, Feng Shui, and much more to seekers of spiritual and physical health. Attended by thousands, it was a healing and nurturing place for experts, speakers, participants, and sponsors and exhibitors to come together to share and learn. A big Thank you to all participants and Tathaastu's subscribers and readers in Canada for making it such a success!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for supporting us over the years. We have a special gift subscription offer - you can gift a Tathaastu subscription for a full year for just $5 with the purchase of a regular subscription.

To live life fully, to enjoy life's moments, one needs a balanced and accepting mind that is not in perpetual conflict and chaos. In the Spotlight article "Change Yourself and Change the World," Ed and Deb Shapiro write about the great power meditation has to bring about a more peaceful world that is in harmony. They write, "Mahatma Gandhi said the problem with the world is that humanity is not in its right mind and that is what meditation addresses: it returns us to our right mind."

Meditation also helps in managing our emotions and fears when it comes to serious ailments (and at times, keeps them at bay). Dr. Sheila Patel and Dr. Valencia Porter in "Mind-Body Approaches to Preventing Breast Cancer," inform and educate us not only about the physical aspects of this disease and how to prevent it, but also advise on the emotional and spiritual tools that can help prevent or manage cancer.

A strong gut is vital for health. To ensure that you stay fit this season and keep off the dreaded pounds, we have excellent tips with recipes in "Top 8 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating" by nutrition expert, Samantha Gladish.

I hope you enjoy this issue and the articles help you on your journey to a healthier, calmer life. Wish you all happiness and joy.

Georgy Bhaala

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